The Arc of Washington County strives to help those we serve to achieve their individual goals, expand their horizons, and maximize their opportunities. Listed below are a number of excellent resources to empower and assist both individuals with disabilities and their families, as well as provide useful information for the general public.

Additionally, the Washington County Disability Resource Directory contains local resources that may be of assistance.

The Arc has a rich history spanning over 65 years and marked by accomplishment. We continue to carry out the mission and vision of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as their parents and siblings.

Arc MD

The Arc Maryland works to create a world where children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) have and enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

People with developmental disabilities will have full lives in the communities of their choice where they are included, participate, and are active citizens. Create a flexible, person-centered, family-oriented system of supports so people can have full lives.

DORS helps people with physical, emotional, intellectual, developmental, sensory and learning disabilities go to work and keep their jobs by providing services such as career assessment and counseling, assistive technology, job training, higher education, and job placement.


MACS is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening agencies to better support people with developmental disabilities and their families in their own communities. This is accomplished through advocacy that promotes the highest standards of program excellence.

Advancing the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life. The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council (Council) is an independent, self-governing organization dedicated to advancing the inclusion of Marylanders with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life.

DRM creates an integrated and just society by advancing the legal rights of people with disabilities. Our scope of work reflects the disability community’s advocacy priorities, funding restrictions, and strategic efforts to maximize our impact on resource limits. Learn more about DRM’s advocacy programs.

Service Coordination, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization providing case management services throughout the state of Maryland to individuals with disabilities, those with complex medical needs and serious mental health disorders, transitioning youth, court-involved individuals, older adults and veterans.

Information on buying a house for people with disabilities including qualifying for home loans and applying for a mortgage with a disability.

If you have an elderly loved one who lives alone, one of your main concerns is always their safety. After all, as we age, our bodies and minds get weaker, our coordination fades, and our reaction time slows. As a result, we’re all more likely to sustain an injury at home in our old age. Of course, there are things caregivers and family members like you can do to help reduce that probability


Your home should be a place of comfort. Yet, if you or a loved one is one of the 40 million Americans living with a disability, building a truly comfortable home can be daunting. Even before you get estimates for remodeling your home around a disability, there is the exhaustive process of identifying all the changes your home needs to accommodate your needs.

Children with special needs are about twice as likely as other children to be overweight or obese often due to the related greater likelihood of being sedentary. Some conditions, such as cerebral palsy, increase the difficulty in eating thus leading to underweight but others, such as Down syndrome, may contribute to overeating and overweight or obesity. However, the general trend of obesity in children with disabilities is much greater than underweight.


Teaching a new driver can be a stressful time for any parent or guardian. New drivers with cognitive or physical disabilities can add extra challenges to the process. Here are a few tips to help gauge readiness and to know whento partner with a driver rehabilitation specialist.

If you have questions about the above resources, please reach out to us here.