Day Habilitation

The Arc of Washington County is dedicated to helping those we serve to become vocationally trained to deliver quality work in their area of expertise in a community based environment. Our programs foster the concept of normalization and the integration of people with developmental disabilities into the work force.

We strive to provide person-centered supports so that people supported can reach their desired outcomes while increasing independence, community integration and integrated competitive employment.  We support people to become productive members of their chosen community.  Programs include Daybreak, for a slightly older population who may be more interested in retirement activities; Vocational Center where the focus is to increase independence and develop and maintain motor skills, communication skills, and goals that lead to opportunities for integrated employment; and Awakenings, an adult autism program focusing on developing social, coping, planning, organizational and advocacy skills, in order to empower them to access community opportunities.

For more information about Day Habilitation, please contact Jim Hurley, Senior Director of Day and Employment Services, at (301) 797-0052.